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In food manufacturing, quality can be the difference between long-term success and failure.

A major factor to integrating new technologies into your workflows is a clear understanding of their benefits. Reluctance can be particularly acute in industries that aren’t, by tradition, necessarily known for being tech forward-looking. Numbers and demonstrable…

Augmented Reality Solutions Designed for the Deskless Industrial Workforce.

Explore what makes Mira’s software and hardware offering the most cost-effective, scalable, and intuitive solution in the industry.

Mira Prism Hardware

Hands-Free, Heads-Up AR Display

Most original equipment manufacturers (OEM) have an exponential relationship between the number of employees compared to the number of machines that are out in the field in need of service. Envision ten employees available to perform service functions, but upwards of a hundred machines requiring maintenance globally at any one…

Imperfect processes yield imperfect products.

The problem of rework has afflicted businesses since the first handcrafted goods. And as the speed at which items are developed increases exponentially due to the adoption of automation technology, the dilemma has only compounded. Thus rework continues to plague contemporary industries to this day.

Identifying Rework

Key changes in technology have always significantly impacted industry. To deploy any new technology in the workplace, in addition to its inherent benefits, managers must take into consideration how different facets of the work population will approach this change. …


As baby boomers reach and surpass retirement age, employers must consider how the potential loss can impact company productivity. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates there are roughly 72 million baby boomers today, many of which are in or are coming up on retirement age¹. …

Flagging allows those most familiar with a workflow to seamlessly provide feedback so that managers can quickly and easily incorporate it.

It’s a common problem: Managers responsible for creating essential processes are unlikely to be the ones enacting those processes on a day-to-day basis. This partition can result in a…

Addressing barriers of entry will always directly correlate to the success of any cutting-edge technology. As augmented reality solutions become more readily available in the market, important business considerations toward its adoption will be cost and ease of use. …

Do AR-based solutions solve the problem of attention tunneling?

As a leader in the field of augmented reality-supported process improvement, we’re constantly asked about safety and distraction with regards to head-mounted displays (aka HMDs). This concern arises as many companies implement a safety rule prohibiting employees from walking while looking at their smartphones. Academics and safety experts refer to…

What pivotal data is your business neglecting?

The importance of a Time and Motion Study is self-evident to every business across all verticals — efficiency impacts the bottom line. However, conducting a Time and Motion Study requires data gathered by continued, detailed observation, which can, somewhat ironically, be a time-consuming and costly process.


Delivering augmented reality to the masses by removing the friction. Hands-free computing for today’s industrial front-line workforce.

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